A slight pole shift or displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth in historical times is possibly the only rational explanation that comes to mind but we definitely need more research done before we jump to any conclusion.. The tail of a 99-million-year-old dinosaur was found entombed in amber in 2016, an unprecedented discovery that has blown away scientists. ODY2YTg0ZmE0MGE5ZTgyYWE2NzYxMzQ2ZGMwOTAyNzVhNjY5MzA0MTI2YWY4 . ZDVlYzRlNjIxOTU1N2NiOWVlMGExZTFjYzhiNjExZjYyZGZmMDhkOGRiMmQw Goode has also been told by his contacts that the most advanced technologies, and the remains of Pre-Adamites themselves have been removed from one archeological site that will be made public. YmQzNDg5MjQ5NzJlMTMzMWE2ODJjMzlmZThlZGE2NDRkMWMzMzkyOWE4YzRj Yzk4NGNlM2RhYjhkOTZjYzM5ZWFjNzJkZWRmYTFkN2ExNzY2OGRmMGU5MDcz Having failed to keep secret their own ancient ancestry for much longer, the elites will try to use the opportunity to distract attention from their own crimes. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your email address will not be published. This stops people from the Almost-South-Pole-Station from falling in the hole and keeps out immurgrunts. The amber adds to fossil evidence that many dinosaurs. The unfavorable living conditions of Antarctica makes it a difficult place to inhabit. 4 - The Almost South Pole Station. Antarctica 1964 Satellite Photos Show Ancient Ruins Sunday, April 18, 2021 11:30 Antarctica Mysteries NEW 2021 - Recently declassified U.S. satellite photographs taken above most areas of the world have been causing a stir amongst archaeologists. It would probably be the oldest pyramid on the planet. MjVkYTZhNDIzNzY2NGY1YWM2ZTdhZDcyYzlmNTg0Zjc0MzQ4MWVjZmNiYTQ4 Furthermore, satellite data help to homogenise the airborne data, which were acquired over a period of more than 60 years with varying accuracy and resolution. Scientific and mythological evidence that Antarctica was once Atlantis Reveals how the earth's crust shifted in 9600 BCE, dragging Atlantis into the polar zone beneath miles of Antarctic ice Examines ancient yet highly accurate maps, including the Piri Reis map of 1513, which reveals a pre-glacial 18, Copyright 2022 NEWSPUNCH, LLC. YWQ5M2RjNjA3Nzc5MjE2MzVhMTc0OTkwZDkzZDkwYWM0NjAwOTM5YzA2ZmEy MmU4NzdiZmFhYWNlZjA1YTZmNTU5ZjRmNDA2NDFiMDllODAwNThiZWE1YjQ4 But now we can do much better. They are located in the local municipality of Emakhazeni, in the municipality of Nkangala district, in the province of . The theory goes thatthe Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there. He works in the building where the gates are that takes you to different places in our solar system.. Using the new magnetic data, our animation illustrates how the tectonic plates have moved over millions of years after the breakup of Gondwana, explains Peter Haas, PhD student at Kiel University. The routes have been used for more than a thousand years by the worshippers of the indigenous Shinto religion, as well as Buddhists. For other inquiries, Contact Us. MGNhNjZjN2EyMjAxZGMyOWE5ZjMyMjMzMGRhYTJiMTkyZDE4MjUyYjY4OWFk MjRmZTc0NTViODQ4YWZjNWFlYmM3Mzc2MDI1ZjQ4ZmFlYjZhMGM5MDU1NjFl At that time, the spokesperson of the company Atlantis TV has said that the US government will find ways to stop the airing of the video found by the Navy rescuers. Another conspiracy theorist agreed, saying: "All the way around the world we find evidence of pyramid structures. Butthings get even weirder with suggestions that the Germans discovered abandoned alien technology OR contacted aliens, and used it to make super weapons. By definition, it is a nunatak, which is simply a peak of rock sticking out above a glacier or an ice sheet. 2 - The Hole at the Pole. An artist's impression of how a city in Antarctica could look. Micro-techology found in Russia, with some objects as small as 1/1000th of an inch. He says that a group of recently arrived highly evolved extraterrestrials are having life changing effects with soldiers and others with whom they come into contact. Three oval shaped motherships about 30 miles in diameter were discovered nearby revealing that the Pre-Adamites were extraterrestrial in origin, and had arrived on Earth about 55,000 years ago. A Warmer Continent Not quite, say geologists. The ruins are in an elevated area that is ice-free and appears to have a runway or very long hangars from which aerospace vehicles can take off and land. USA government tried to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters) beneath the ice. M2U3NTIwYjkxYmY1N2VkZGUyODk0ODEwNTM1M2JiNzEyYmE2NzJlMmJlYzA2 An ancient map dating back to the 1500s seems to show Antarcticas coastline in unprecedented detail. How long have Keir Starmer and Sue Gray been secretly cooking up their plot? Each region boasts its own unique culinary heritage, allowing . They are now preparing documentary films and academic papers to astound the scientific community and shock the world. Corey Goode was made aware of the discovery of epic new Antarctic ruins approximately three months ago, and wasn't even authorized to tell David what was going on. The resulting combined datasets provide a new tool for the international scientific community to study the cryptic sub-ice geology of Antarctica, including its influence on the overlying ice sheets. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We have only just now been cleared to release this critical, time-sensitive data to the public. It is believed by the researchers that the ancient Anunnaki city was built between 160,000 and 200,000 BC as a part of an even larger community of approximately 10,000 Square kilometers.Curiously, there are numerousancient mapsthat depict parts of Antarctica free of ice. Winter storms, 24 hour darkness and a formidable skirt of seasonal sea-ice 1-2m thick before the continent is even reached prevent any shipping operating in the winter even today, let alone small 1940's submarines without any ice strengthening. It is possible that the ruins were recently handed over to the US military by China. But that's not the wildest claim - with several online websites claiming thatthere is a city in Antarctica and HITLER knew about it, making it a secret Nazi base. MThmOGFmYTkyMTY4ZTdkYTA1MjVjOWRhNWFjOWNlYTE0MWY3NDFhMTY1NmJj The real Antarctica wasn't discovered until 1820. In 2016 the World Wide Web was all abuzz with Google Earth images of Antarctica that appear to show pyramids in the icy landscape. "Was it a lost civilisation? Antarcticais largely uninhabiteddue to its freezing temperatures. You have already liked this page, you can only like it once! OWY2NGFlNGZiZjNhOWMzZmExMjYyY2VlNTM0Njg1NjY5YjljN2ZiOTI5MWM4 The Mystery Of The 100 Million Years Old Fossilized Human Finger, The Trinity Bomb: Nuclear Test, Roswell UFO With Three Occupants, And Two Witnesses. Meaning that a society could have existed and lived there before the last ice age which eventually froze the continent. A HUGE structure has been discovered in Antartica - and it's baffling scientists. Scientists initially suspected the strange mound was sastrugi - sharp grooves formed on snow by strong winds. Nunataks are exposed and rocky mountain peaks and rides which are naturally occurring and pyramid-like in shape. Interestingly, the ancient ruins found in South Africa are surrounded by several gold mines.It has been suggested by the researchers that a vanished civilization from the distant past, could have lived and proposed in that part of the world while mining gold.This and other shreds point to the Ancient Anunnaki. Despite the allegations, the lawyers of the company emphasize that the primary concern of the company is the TV crews safety, not the said video. Backpackerverse.com does not include the entire universe of available offers. While observing the image, it is easy to notice how the rings of the structure resemble a structure in ruins as if we were looking at walls that have been destroyed, collapsed ruins that have been covered by snow and ice. Jrg Ebbing, from Kiel University, explains, With the available data, we only had pieces of the puzzle. 5 Creepy Videos of Ghosts Caught on Camera. pyramid and a giant megalithic structure in the shape of a swastika visible from Space, Over 30,000 of Government UFO Reports Now Available at Canadian University, Giant Alien Head Found On Mars And Labeled By NASA As Chryse Alien!, White Spiral Cigar Shaped UFO Filmed Over Florida | Im Out My Comfort Zone, Physicist Claims Aliens Can Communicate Using Starlight. NmQ2NDZjMjQ1MzA2ZmI5MmJmM2EzNDk2MDRhMTAzMjAyM2Q0YWJmOGNiMWNm But the theory was challenged by Dr Michael Salla, author of Exopolitics Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence. "It's a well-kept secret, but they did discover a pyramid there. UFO hunters believe they have spotted a mile-long spaceship near ISS, Dinosaur discovery shakes up theory of evolution, claims Bible expert, Antarctica pyramids: Conspiracists believe in ancient pyramids hidden around the world, Antarctica pyramids: David Childress said it could be the oldest pyramid on Earth, Watch the moment man 'shoots up' into the sky in 'alien abduction'. However, they have also stressed that in the event ofany move to censor the material by the US government, they would oppose it. An ancient rocky structure found at the heart of the Ross ice shelf helps determine where Antarctica's ice melts and where it stays firm and frozen. June and July when the submarines were claimed to be in Antarctica are the depths of winter there. The Kumano Kodo, Japan. I have known JP since 2008, and believe he is very sincere and a credible witness. Make sure to leave us your comments below. OTY1NDRjZDU3NjdiZjg0YWNmMWMyMDZiNjk0MGJhNGM3MTQxOTM0YmQ4ZWJl The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. The mysterious discovery has also been linked to the ancient ruins found in South Africa because of the uncanny resemblance in shape and appearance. 4 - The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. The theory alleges that movements in the Earth's crust meant that large parts of Antarctica were ice-free 12,000years ago and people could have lived there. As per the researchers, the mysterious structure covers 151 Miles across and could be buried 848 meters underneath the land. ZjhkN2UzMWVhMmEwNDEzZmI1MWZmODA4NWU2ZjM3NGU5MTU2MGExODZkNGFh 2023 American Association for the Advancement of Science. A team of researchers are claiming that they have discovered three ancient pyramids on the ice covered continent of Antarctica.
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