This is the best sub job for all levels of zerging because the haste only gets better the more you have, and in zerg situations you are at very high haste levels to begin with. In theory this puts out good white damage, but white damage alone doesn't make up for the huge lack of WS damage you will have with this weapon. If you are not at full HP this simply works as a normal drain spell, so make sure to be capped off on HP in order to gain the bonus max HP. Within the scope of FFXI, DRK is a Heavy DD (because of its use of heavy armor and whose primary weapons are two-handed great swords and scythes). (Only pulling without generating magic aggro). wrist, and second ring, respectively, but can be done on any other slots that Absorb-STR (Or any stat) (31-43): These are very situational spells that allow you to steal a mob's stats and apply them to yourself. Using Last Resort, Sneak Attack, Trick Attack, Souleater, and then Guillotine can deal some absolutely ludicrous amounts of damage, and give it ALL to the person in front of you. That said if you find yourself unable to use souleater on cooldown because of MP constraints, maybe it's not the right merit for you. tome pants for savage release requires capping tomes on the week of normal mode sync by queuing into Alphascape V2.0 (Savage) with the Unrestricted Party and Where this weapon really shines though is the relic weaponskill, Catastrophe. Dark Knight a.k.a. These gearsets are for general use at level 90. your damage. There's so much useful info in hereespecially for new players. overcap on the chosen substat as a result, indicated by red text in the melding Examples of fights you would use this on are Tiamat, KS99 Wyrm, and Bahamut. Meld one Critical Blood Weapon is an amazing concept, but ultimately fails to deliver as a two-hour ability. DRK is one hellova job to tackle for a guide. The Ultimate skillchains make this the best scythe in the game. If you have cleared the Dragonsong's Reprise already and have a Haste is by far the most important stat in the game, especially if you are stacking it on top of other haste gear and buffs, so the DPS increase from +10% alone is absurd. If x-hit was your focus for armadaberk for TP body, what about embrava set? If this has been answered before I am sorry. Stun (37): Probably the most useful spell that Drk has, it has a .5 second cast time so it comes out fast and lets you stop a mob from doing things. Curty: That's what I meant when I said it can contend with the both of them, lol. Plus, it allows you to possibly counter. Maybe. You may opt to use an Augmented Classical Ring of Fending instead of its Up to date simple DRK gear swap?~ Phoenix.Habar: 17: 1337: 4 years 1 month. To use Dark Knight optimally requires a lot of skill, and the player will have to be very careful of the hate threshold. [click header for High-end Armor Sets (Offensive) section], VI-3. A great alternative for any Dark Knights support jobs. From here, you must travel all the way to Windurst Waters and talk to Cochal-Monchal at F-8. Hey all, gearing DRK for the first time can anyone tell me what is the must have AF I need? I should preface this by saying that category 1 is a mess of a category, and is still highly debated by Dark Knights in discord channels and forums everywhere. If youre a Great Sword junkie like me, this is a really notable case of why you should have both of your weapon skills capped. If you want to lower the recast you can use items like Homam and Dusk which have combination high HP and haste, plus save you a bit of inventory. haha yeah i know. These are shown on the rings, Imagine seeing that with a Kraken Club that hits its target 2-8 times per attack. Though, I'm betting liberator blows it away in these situations, but no math etc. Your first step to get your Raven Scythe is to go to Bastoks Metalworks and talk to Raibaht in Cids lab. Still, you are much better off with more accuracy (if you are eating meat) since you will certainly deal more damage if you land all the hits or simply more Str if you are munching sushi. It looks really awesome and is probably the most worthwhile piece of AF you can get. Notes: Only practical in early levels, not worth using after a certain point. Your guide ties things up beautifully. Good guide. The two-handed Great Axes have an amazing damage over time, and get some pretty cool weapon skills. 6.3). Einherjar adds the two pieces of Valhalla gear, which are great pieces for PDT and tanking sets. Pretty much only used for Ouryu but absolutely amazing for that fight. Whatever you do, dont use your Chaosbringer weapon that you get from finishing Dark Knight. Arcane Circle Recast/Weapon Bash Recast - Worthless. FINAL For more detail On the bright side, like most other damage-dealers, you can solo, or do Besieged and Campaign to get some experience. FFXIclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. You can only get this quest once you are Lv.30 or higher. One cool thing most people don't know about this ability is that with 5/5 you don't need to use Hasso while it's up (because job ability haste caps at 25%) so you can use Seigan+Third Eye for defense. Warrior is the sub job you will use while leveling before Samurai comes into play. Please add anything if it is needed, and take away anything that is either untrue or not needed. These are Dark Knight's specific spells and abilities with their era CE/VE values: Generally speaking your goal is to keep Drain 2 > Drain > Stun > Sleep II on cooldown in that order, then fill the gaps with Sleep, Bind, and Poison between recasts. This set is going to be the set you sit in when you are going to get hit, or just a standing around set for defensive purposes. with CRIT+DET on it. The Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCOB) Sets, FFXIV PLL #75 Recap - 6.3 Live Letter Part 2, Join Us Live on Twitch for the Icy Veins Podcast, FFXIV PLL #74 Recap - 6.3 Live Letter Part 1, Final Fantasy XIV will be in AGDQ2023 on Friday, January 13th, "Tales from the Dawn": Final Story Released, On the Adjustments to Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage). Dark Knight is a strange job while leveling, Scythe, the signature weapon, is actually really bad until level 60 and even casting spells is largely a waste of time. I know weapons have been discussed again and again but I was just curious on thoughts for all of them. What about the club that hits eight times per hit! We know that eventually Eden has plans to add Nyzul Isle, Salvage, Einherjar, Zeni NMs, and Dreamland Dynamis at some point. You can replace any Direct Hit meld with Skill Speed in any slot that won't Anyway, in these levels, youll be doing mostly the same things. Honorable mention for Raetic Algol if you can find one on AH. It is not the main recommended set as a result, People typically ask for a recommended meriting order so I try to add one into these, personally I think its super subjective as your needs vary based on what you do, but here's my take: Desperate Blows 5 > Scythe Skill 8 > Critical Hit 4 > Dark Seal 1 > Diabolic Eye 4 > Souleater Recast 5 > Last Resort Effect 5 > HP 8 > STR 5. Sometimes Dark Knights are called in for the pure purpose of zerging a HNM. This set would have 23.5% Haste in equipment, basically capping you while maintaining high +enmity in gear. do -10% PDT on cape instead of -dt you can drop defending ring for another moonlight. Both the 2.45 and 2.50 sets are recommended and have near-identical I own Liberator and Ragnarok Afterglows, and will eventually get Apoc when I stop being lazy. Waist Piece. This is the #1 utility ability that Drk has access to, you can stun giant -aga spells, pecking flurries, lock a mob down so it doesn't Mijin Gakure or Astral Flow, or just stun to let someone get shadows up. requirement for the encounter is much easier to meet currently than on release You can replace any Direct Hit meld with Skill Speed in any slot that won't Good luck sir! Spinning Slash is very consistent and highly-damaging, although a miss can mean a loss in DoT. I don't recommend this, as when you are using Souleater your damage output should be so insanely high that you will likely pull hate anyways. Imaginary situation was used to illustrate a method to min/max dps. In fact, try picking up a Republic Subligar for Lv.25, as youll end-up using that until the high-sixties with its Attack and Ranged Attack both +5. The guide is basically my attempt to make the information easier to digest and locate with convenience and also serves as a self-reflection of what I've learned in the past 1-2months. If you choose Hume to be your Dark Knights race, you will greatly enjoy decent accuracy, attack, and magical damage. On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Ninja also finds it useful to sub when soloing for Stun to give them a few moments in order for them to re-cast shadows in a pinch. Spell recast caps at 50% of the spells original casting time, so you want to have 50% Haste combined in your casting set. Ground Strike is very fearsome at 300% TP and with the Thief subjob, in fact both of the principle weaponskills of Great Sword stack with Sneak Attack fearsomely. Minimum IL options enabled. Oh and I didn't even mention that Catastrophe heals you for a percent of damage done which makes you very hard to kill with this weapon and allows for some very aggressive Souleatering. Caladbolg. Was pondering what to make next down the road. These three specific GCD speeds are chosen because they align well with 60- It can also be played as a tank at end game levels, relying on spells to generate aggro and mitigating damage with dread spikes, drains, and utsusemi. Having some trouble with my Entropy set atm. I currently have 117 gear/weapons and I was searching some things up. menu. Hasso, Lv.50, boosts your strength by between 3-5 (when subbed), increases your accuracy by 5, and gives you 10% quicker attack speed. Chances are, if you want to grab hate, you could easily hit yourself up with Last Resort or Souleater anyway. normal mode release. Ridill can bring the power of your Dual Wielding up a notch, but the DoT will still be far inferior to using a Scythe or Great Sword. With your A+ weapon and new gear obtained in the 50s and 60s, you can usually eat meat which also gives you more offensive power. Even Souleater recast can be situational. Per attack, you can deal up to about 1600 damage. This comes at Notable Weaponskills: None. Note: All weapons are being discussed for general usage, although I may reference more specific uses (zerging notably); this will be discussed in detail later. by the community as UWU. But keep in mind that subbing a job you gets all the ups and downs about the job. Expect a lot of foes to fall at your hands when that occurs. Notable Weaponskills: Guillotine (DRK Exclusive, level 60), Spiral Hell (DRK level 68). Gift. GCDs over the whole fight vs 2.45. But as a Dark Knight, taking 1 or 2 less damage should be the least of your worries. the Bozjan resistance relic offer customizable substats and can be significant It also gives Warcry, which is a high level job ability (when subbed) that gives everyone in the area effect a boost to attack power; perfect for just before a skillchain is started. This helps alleviate Elvaans low dexterity, and therefore low accuracy. Since your attacks are so slow, and your accuracy is so low, its kind of a pain to solo.
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