Plei Trap Of all the Post Exchanges I have been to, the one in Fort Lewis is the best by far. Had a very young Drill Instructor who did 2 tours in Vietnam. B-1-1 1967 Drill Seargant Potter (good cop) and Saling (bad cop).. 17 years oldVietnam 1968-69Tet Offensive as we landed at Bien Hoa. We all got sick on the plane to Ft. Lewis and stayed sick the whole two months of basic. He was a bad ass, but he sure could sing. I never bitched though. Drill Sergeant Tanksley and a bunch of guys from Omaha. Cant recall names of other NCOS but he made a real impression on me. We stayed on both floors as there were dual metal bunks. ETSed with 90 day drop Jan 72 as Sp/5. Cemetery marker for Donald Michaelson of the U.S. Army Air Forces is decorated with a flag at Vaughn Bay Cemetery May 27, 2007 in Vaughn, Washington.. Drill sergeant Thomas was my drill instructor. They disappeared and were never found (just the boat and gear) RIP Wayne. It was trashed; yep, he piled it up. My drill sergeant was Sgt. I was in D22, which may have been very close to you. I was in E-3-1. 390 Comments. What was Howitzer gunners life like in the war? Rain, occasional sun. Sgt. All of that, cold, rainy, bitterly cold, everyone sick as hell. When you saw a bunk mattress rolled up they did not come back. Driver license or identification card issued by a State or outlying U.S. possession that is Real ID compliant. I was USAR. Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord, JBLM . Sold by 23510xmk | Ends on 2023-03-08 12:57:36 . About every 5 weeks would be assigned to guard duty at motor pool or headquarters. Felt so good, we begged the sergeant to go back in. We had an E 5 by the name of Houlihan. Hi there, my dad was stationed there as well. Ford Thunderbird I never talked to a gunner, but I'm sure it was either lazy day or really hard work. Tough SOB. AIT & Duty: Military Police 2/67-10/67 Almost got held back but was allowed to graduate with class as an E-2 .Quite an experience Sorry to see the old buildings go. It was cold, wet and miserable. D-5-2 April - June, 1971 you can find his picture on here under graduation picture 4th. There was one shower that worked and the 2 working toilets. I don't remember his name. August 2012 - 0 Comments. The total area is 3.78% water. I see your father has passed but encourage you to keep looking. Back in the day when everyone had a prefix in their service number. I did basic at Ft Lewis, D-3-1 September 1970 to November 1970. Located in Fort Lewis, WA, Fort Lewis Army Base is a potential source of asbestos exposure cancer. I was in E-1-1 from Sept 1969 to Dec. Most of us were from Utah. The corporal will go to the NCO training school while the specialist might not. Washington is one of five states (along with Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and New Mexico) that do not comply with this law. PS How in the hell do you remember the class number laugh I have snap shots from then and a bit of recall but to many things inbetween. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Fort Lewis Tacoma Washington McChord Military Real Photo RPPC Ellis WWII at the best online prices at eBay! 360-688-4073. Responsibilities Peraton seeks a Senior Cloud Systems Integrator (Network) to support Multi-Domain Task Force - Pacific (MDTF-Pacific).Location: Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA. I covered BCT and 11B AIT with field ambulance and when I made Sp/4 was moved to emergency ambulance at North Fort Dispensary 7 or Dispensary 2 near some relatively new barracks but not on main post. Bill, I was in basic same Aug 1970 to Dec. D42 dont remember the DI' s name. Get email updates for new Senior Data Analyst jobs in Fort Lewis, WA. I know that we did not, but I can't recall how we got our underwear and fatigues cleaned. With the conclusion of the war, activities at Lewis ground to a standstill. Brown (1-11-1967 -0 wk. It was a beautiful place and a big change from Santa Monica. I was in 3rd platoon B-5-1 13th basic cycle the name Swanson does sound familiar I have a picture of the platoon with our DI I'll have to check it out and see if I can read the name on his field jacket. During 1949 and 1950, the state of Washington used the center for summer training of its National Guard units and regular Army troops were permanently assigned to the center. Art School The Multi-Purpose Range Complex opened in 1989, and the Shoot House and Urban Assault Course opened in 2005. Navy boot camp was a joke compared to Army boot camp, so I pretty much skated through boot camp, Lost touch with guys from my company, still have some old pics of us in boots camp with a couple of us kneeling by our company moto "IMUA" which means moving on, don't stop, give it all you got. Save. Helicopter Off I went to be a medic in Vietnam. (The Nisqually people would later petition unsuccessfully for the return of this land. Drill Sgt Delano and Sgt. When we ran around in the tear gas shack singing Happy Birthday, it was the first time our sinuses had cleared. Sorry buddy, but your unit was not the first all volunteer group. A company would have about four platoons called first, second, etc., No #134. Sgt Hungerford E-5 was DI. Coming up on 50 years ago (March, 72) that I was discharged from Army. Check in at McChord Field Main Gate. 11/21/2012. It was heaven when I went from there to Fort Ord, CA. Modern day Fort Lewis, part of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), began as a training encampment in 1902, but was officially named Camp Lewis in 1917 after the famed discoverer Meriwether Lewis (Lewis and Clark Expedition). God bless. That high school typing class came in handy I guess. The army could have been much worse for me during those 2-1/2 years and the VA has been very good to me. There were 3,560 housing units at an average density of 232.8 per square mile (89.9/km2). . Fort Lewis 1 : 24000. Military organizations in the Pacific Northwest used the center for range firing and small unit tests. He was going to be a tunnel rat. If any guys from Alpha One One Jan 71 see this send me an email at Pamela Sleezer, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Public Affairs on Feb. 23rd, 2023. Like you I planned a visit to North Fort. 1969. I got luck and was sent to Ft Sam Houston TX for Medic training. Jan-Feb 1968. The median income for a household on the base was $32,384, and the median income for a family was $32,251. Subscribed . Jess Walter Thanks, Sgt Lamb was our DI April to July 1969. I know it sounds crazy but I thoroughly enjoyed basic training and the rest of my time the Army. I was in D-2-2. He ran our butts off, but at the end of basic we double-timed 10 miles with no problem. I got to Lewis on Oct. 10th '66 made it until three days before graduation and ended up with double pneumonia and the first made me go to sick call both cheeks got a shot of pen and I was really worried I would get 'sent back. We had two native Americans in my platoon and he is one of them. It is nostalgic thinking back to the wet climate and knowing that we stated in the same place, unchanged that so many American heroes once did. Overview. WE were 'pitted' against National Guard BTC across the Street. I was with Linstead when we came back and saw your work.I was a holdover.finally assigned to the Army Security Agency trained at Fort Ord and eventually they sent me to NAM as everyone was coming home. Those old barracks have been demolished and the road we fell out on is now open to the public. I was there. Duane Phillips. Sept To Nov 1969. I remember we had DI Day who turned 18 while we were in training and also had SFC Smith. Was in basic training around the same time. Hi Travis, I was in Basic Training and AIT up at Fort Lewis from Feb 18th, 1969 thru July 1969 My MOS was 11B which was the Infantry and yes I went right to Vietnam in July 69 I remember a guy with the last name Hollingsworth. Was drafted April 17 1969, basic training at fort Lewis D 1 1, California Mod Squad. COMM phone number for Joint Base Lewis-McChord Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) Lewis Main. Ambush building. Gietsen we ran rings around them. Artillery training. Fort Sill, Fort Sam Houston, Fort Knox, and Fort Lee all have their own takes on the Big PX, but Fort Lewis just curb stomps them all and utterly destroys the competition. If I had still been in training, I would have been recycled. To this . Fort Lewis Six, a 1970 event at Fort Lewis, Washington. I assume that you were in the same training area in D Block in North Fort? I have fairly bad COPD but am still better off than many of them. It is a place where groups among different types of human defenses like the military, the Navy and the Air Force can come together as one big umbrella of a facility. Steve Almond I remember the Soldier who died in the motor pool. Shepard, tough but fair. I have a picture of a whole group - D4 - Delta Devils D-4-1 and dated graduation July 1967. He was one cool guy. National Veterans Art Museum Dong Tam, May 1969 to MACV Tm 75, 7th ARVN Div Recon Co., flew home Thanksgiving Day 1969. Perform a full range of automated and non-automated laboratory procedures in the following areas: Chemistry, urinalysis, hematology, serology, bacteriology, phlebotomy and immunohematology . If someone came out of the darkness the weapon would have been useless with no time to load. Contact me at Germany 1-1-68 to 3-68, A co., 1/13th Inf, Mech, Plt ldr, Co. XO; Jungle School, Panama CZ March-Apl, 1969; HHCo, 9th Div. Most of my company was from Texas. Did 3 years, wanted to do 20 but my family came first so did great anyway. December 2013 They were a mess. Free shipping for many products! There is only one recruit's name I remember; Alosisus (sp?) Michael Herr Force marches in rubber boots. Relatives & associates include . He later died in 2009 from emphysema, from god knows what. The sites are McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis, both located just south of Tacoma. Half my platoon were all California ( Im native) and the other all northeast areas mostly poor uneducated. [2] The entire camp was ready for occupancy a month ahead of schedule. Infantry school Miserable winter weather for jungle orientation. I was in the row of barracks next to the main road (East Drive) in 1966. think that was the last of it to be demolished last year. I would graduate 2 July70 as E2 based on performance and testing or so I guess. Me too Tom. JBLM has more than 25,000 soldiers and civilian workers. Convenient and Affordable. Remember the winter of 69,was supposed to do BCT at ft. BLISS TX. We had the meningitis restrictions also back in 1966 too. Rocky, you and I were there at the same time. Joint Base Lewis McChord is a premier installation in the Pacific Northwest. Did you know of DI Prince? Im looking for anyone who knew him at basic before Vietnam. Please advise. May 2013 I remembered low crawling in the mud! I remember seeing his uniform patches when I was a child, and he had a patch from the Americal Division, another from Sixth Army and an engineer patch with the motto "This We'll Defend." I was on 2nd floor. Memorial Day 564th Quartermaster Company 18th Street . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WA, Fort Lewis, Washington, Nurse's Quarters, Ellis No. Fort Lewis was a very tough place at that time. Pennywell. Perform a full range of clinical laboratory tests in any one or a combination of the following sections of the laboratory: hematology, chemistry, cytology, histotechnology, urinalysis, serology . was Sgt. The army bases roots proved advantageous during World War I and sowed even more fruit when World War II came. I remember the old Baracks. Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History, "Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base merge to create Joint Base Lewis-McChord on . You need a sponsor to get thru the gate. Suspect that may have been a standard line for the Top. Sergeant Hungerford was D.I while Sergeant Blood was PT manWe probably had some of your leftovers? Leo, I got there in January '70. We were all constantly wet! I was from the bay area when I went in the Army, the city was Vallejo, Ca. Last minute they sent to ft.Lewis in December.Very cold was in A-3-1 alpha gator north fort. Guess you could use it as a club. As of the census[13] of 2000, there were 19,089 people, 3,476 households, and 3,399 families residing on the base. Zack, In his 1968 U.S. Army training at Fort Lewis, Washington, Grady was housed in World War II-era barracks like these still standing at, The barracks are an important setting in the training chapters of ", 4th Infantry Division in late 1968 and early 1969. Ssgt Tanksley. Thank you for remembering Drill Sgt Wilber as I could not come up with that name. 109 of us were processed through Houston AFFEES, flown to Seattle-Tac then on to Ft Lewis. I think I had strep throat. Dan, I started AIT when your VOLAR basic trainiing started. I was with the 199th Lt Inf Bde attached to a SOG unit. I redid all my estate very recently and in doing so, went through a box of my military memoirs. Had a good job and lived in Lakewood. Comments? Thanks. We wore a white "magot tag" that showed we were trainees. I took basic at Lewis in March-April of 1967 D-2-2 Spent one week at North Fort then we transferred to the "new" 3-story concrete barracks next to the airfield. I hope you or someone else can help me connect the dots, my memory not too good anymore. It was home for 8 weeks of my life. We had a tall, skinny, hard-ass black guy as a DI, and another short white guy. D11, California Mod squad. Saved my life. And corporal Redman train for DI school. Tuesday . . and and Drill Sergeant Graves. Drill Sargeant Moore, Sgt Heimie, Cpl Atchison. Went to Vietnam after that. God Bless all of our former and current military brethren. They called my name. I was drafted, at the time I thought the world was against me.but now I see it as the best thing that could of happened. Gone all gone..replaced by new brick 3 story dormsonly thing left are the paved roads.only memories nowafter all we were told they were condemned in 1936. July 2012 D company 4th BN 1st BDE (10 cycle) My cycle was the first to use the buildings in 25 years. "Aspirin, or bad rest, and then be recycled." His assistant DS was a short guy who always looked like he was about to tell a joke. Phone: 253-964-3161. i was a cook there me and shelby davidson were friens he was a di, can you show the pictures of your platoon in b-5-1, Glenn Davis, were u ever married to one of the Schroeder girls' here in Nor-Cal If you were you were my brother in law old pal I was in the old Barracks from Feb 69' to June 69' for Basic and AIT, i was with B-4-2 nov 20 til feb 4 1967 to 1968, I remember Drill Sargent Tanksly April-May 1968. November 2014 Thank You. It was awful. Lanaman was also in the Co. It would be nicevto hear from anyone that remembered my Dad. Best drill sergeant in the universe, he trained us with no heart, though as nails, but made me a survivor and a disciplined person. Evan, you are so spot on about how our days were spent . Chuck. In 1987 the North Fort was just the same as in 1971you could almost hear the cadence of marching troops ghostly down the streets. Home of record: Southern Oregon.I need help with some questions regarding this time. Had your initial and last four of your ssa # on your clothes, My Dad is John Nix. JBLM Soldiers receive medical care through on-base Madigan Healthcare System facilities such as Madigan Army Medical Center, the Okubo Clinic, and the Nisqually Clinic. Grew up hunting in Brown bear country and fished commercially and was made a squad leader in D-4-1, Drill Sergeant Dye, black man from Florida, E-6 from 1st Air Cav. Yelm, WA 98597 Mobile Phone: View Current Number Email: View Current Email . I drove through the checkpoint without stopping.and they didn't chase usjust like in the Nam and just like when I was in the Army in 71. It is now known to have contaminants in the water and soil such as arsenic and iron. Against Football The timing is very compelling and suggestive. BCT MAR APR '66 AIT MAY JUN '66 A51 NORTH FORT..SGT GREEN DI . Always had to watch out for green oysters on sidewalks, because they were big enough to slip on. I was in B-5-2 from January 23, 1969, to around 1st of April 1969, then off to Ft. Ord. I may be considered a reactionary but I'll take 1950s thru the 1970s as a great time to be young. I would love to talk with someone from that era. Clapboard, no insulation, no heating. I believe he was already suffering from PTSD because of his short fuse. We have questions to ask about my dad and am searching for people who he may have been close to him in his time in Vietnam. 360-456-7368. This community offers 132 single-family and duplex style homes for enlisted service members. Fort Lewis, named after Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, was one of the largest and most modern . The base received much media attention in the wake of the Kandahar massacre, committed by a Fort Lewis soldier in March 2012.[7]. plt. Other guys had Ft Lewis orders but for the Transfer point to VN. I was in A42 for 9 weeks starting Aug 25 1970. It was the second time I had visited. Sgt Shields, do you remember what shots they gave us with the "guns" and when we did gas mask training did they use real mustard gas? First basic trainees they had had Joint Base Lewis-McChord Basic Training, Ft Lewis WA,September 18, 1970 to November 70. I was B-3-2 under Sgt. It had been filmed by a CBS news crew and the Army was catching some heat, so Drill Instructor Duane Phillips ordered me to paint over it while the rest of the company went on a ten mile jog. C-3-1 Feb-Apr 1970. The strategic location of the base provides Air Force units with the ability to conduct combat and humanitarian airlift with the C-17 Globemaster III. Thank you for replying! I went back after Nam in Aug 70 and was assigned to the 3rd Armored CAV as the training NCO and then back home to sac at the end of Jan 71, BCT, Ft Lewis North Fort, March 67, D-5-1, Sgts Vickers and Brown, then to Germany 3rd Inf. Should have pursued the NG's or Reserves but was too burned out. Delta Devils. Was tough but a good memory. B-5-2, Anyone went to basic nov 1969 B-5-2-5th platoon, Was there nov 67/ mar 68. Dale Dehnke, George Paige, Steve Shannon and Joe Esparza. Basic was hard and they kept you scared and on your toes all the time. Took basic in North Fort Lewis D Block from the last of August to November 1966. Anyone else? Apollo 8 Had a Sgt. I distinctly remember are welcome as we got of the bus from the train depot every expletive you can imagine came out of the DS mouth. Dennis Harris [9] Since 11 September 2001, I Corps and Fort Lewis assets have been active in providing support for Global War on Terrorism operations, including Operation Noble Eagle (Homeland Defense), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and the Iraq War. In augustI'm looking for photos or yearbook??? Decypher is seeking Medical Laboratory Technician candidates to provide support to the Joint Base Fort Lewis-McChord, Tacoma, WA. 30 Nov 1970, D-3/1. Closed. Drill Sergeant Bell. My father, SSG Robert Warren, was a drill instructor from 1966-1969 D co. 4/2 at North Fort. He is PFC Robert (Bob) Dodge. Dave Mueller Hi Bob Cook, I was also @ Ft. Lewis Jan 2, 1970 thru March 1970 with C-3-2, we were neighbors. Fort Lewis Information and Referral Services. Current Bid: USD 7.00 Bid Online More Topographical Postcards from auctioneer: 1963 CHEVROLET, at THIMBLE SHOAL CHANNEL TUNNEL, Norolk, VA . About a decade ago i drove through the post. Froze my ass off, thought I would get the dreaded SM and die. HR Office (253) 964-2522. February 2014 Ed Bremer Rained almost every day. Im from California which now complied with the Real ID Act. I was in 2nd Platoon D-5-2. They are HQ for NW US ROTC. Foreign passport with a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 with printed notation on a machine readable immigrant visa I don't have any photos from the army. Correction. Perhaps your dad is in it? Located in the Puget Sound region just south of Tacoma, Washington, Joint Base Lewis McChord is a premier installation in the Pacific Northwest.It provides world-class installation support to more than 40,000 Active-Duty, Guard, and Reserve service members and around 15,000 civilian workers. We had a brand new 2nd LT (LT French), all of 18 years old, who insisted on calling us "son". We had to sleep with the windows open no matter the weather. We could run forever and not feel the pain. 253-967-1110. My picture was missed placed yrs ago so i dont have it to look at to recall those days. STILL trying to get a copy of my Basic Training graduation picture, A-3-2, JULY 1969. B-3-1 Sep-Nov 70. I did basic and 11B ft lewis. Boggs was our Platoon leader! A drill sergeant from another barracks went nuts and stabbed a member of our company one night while he was on fire watch. Had to sleep with the windows open. Can't help much with your search. Many were gone. Levied twice for VN. JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD - In answer to the ongoing housing needs at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, garrison leaders recently announced new homes will be built in the Meriwether Landing community, on Lewis North, in 2027. Tel: (253) 967-7166. There were a couple of guys in the barracks across from us who were taken out on stretchers, both dead from spinal meningitis.
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