John Holmes was famous, at least in some circles. Coughing into the microphone, Ricks called Nash a danger to the public and maxed him out. Laurel Canyon had long been a prestige address, an earthy, woodsy setting just minutes from the glitter and rush of Tinseltown. She came to the farm to find out if a certain man was with me. Their attorneys question the credibility of prosecution witnesses and maintain their clients innocence. In your opinion, what's the best alternate route to the 405? They were going underground. Its like being a carpenter. Mary went to work on an assembly line at a Western Electric plant. Also while in college, he said, he danced nude modern jazz ballet and drove an ambulance. I know who did it.. He panicked, walked in circles around the doctors office, threw his briefcase down. signs you are both hiding your feelings. He had sex onscreen with two generations of leading ladies, from Seka and Marilyn Chambers to Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn and Italian member of Parliament Ciccolina. He worked for others for a time, then opened Beefs Chuck, a hotdog stand on Hollywood Boulevard. . The finish was drippy and streaked, but it didnt matter. Susan Hayward. If you could live in any neighborhood or specific house in LA, where/which would you choose? John would just stay home. The Top 5 newsletter catches you up with LAs top 5 stories in just 3 minutes. master splinter death. Now it was December 4th, 1981. The fifty-two-year-old former jurist had been arrested after he allegedly punched his eighty-two-year-old mother and threatened to kill someone if she didnt give him keys to a car. ', Nash is said to have had political, police and crime connections. I wouldn't doubt it. Venice Beach boardwalk to the Santa Monica Pier. At the same time, Holmes was acting as an informant on matters of porn and prostitution for Sergeant Tom Blake, an L.A. vice detective. Holmes drove to Nashs again to make sure the sliding door was still open. Atkins was convicted for her involvement. Los Angeles is often stereotyped as a hard place to find personal connections and make friends. He wanted new names for Sharon and Jeana, too. Launius was Wonderland's king, and he was as cold as ice. He weighed ninety pounds, his fingernails were two inches long. He was very upset about the business. Arriving back at Wonderland just after dawn, Holmes announced the coast was clear. All Marriage & Divorce results for Ronnie Launius. Or that show out of New York, you know, A Current Affair. John was really sick by this point, says Laurie. The case against Holmes was built largely on two pieces of evidence: An admission that Holmes allegedly made to Los Angeles Police Detective Frank Tomlinson after his arrest in Miami in December, 1981, and a bloody palm print left by Holmes on the rail of a bed on which one of the victims, drug dealer Ronald Launius, died. March 2 (UPI) -- A Maryland woman scored a $100,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket less than 12 hours after she scored an $11,000 jackpot at a casino. Another victim, William DeVerell, 44, who lived at the house, had an arrest record in the 1950s, mostly for narcotics but had not been arrested in the recent case. Latest Videos; Emmy Awards - Show Clips - Winnerviews - Presenterviews . A look at years past when snows creeped into our citified neighborhoods, away from the mountains and foothills. Help me. A fifth victim was carried out alive. I stood there against the wall. Basically, he said, Im going to have to run, Sharon Holmes recalled, And I said, Youre going to have to tell me. . GitHub export from English Wikipedia. The video boom was just beginning, and Holmes became a kind of Marlon Brando of porn. Get my property! Aftermath Lind and McCourt were both away from the scene at the time of the murders, so they were able to survive unharmed. I believe I was watching TV and it seems like a bunch of people were coming in and out,' Mrs. Launius said. Later it was reported that Holmes interrupted his fast, ate a meal, then continued his fast. Suspected burglar inside New Brunswick home was a panicked deer. At the height of his popularity, he earned $3,000 a day on films and almost as much turning tricks, servicing wealthy men and women on both coasts and in Europe. Following his arrest in Miami, Holmes was tried for the murder of the Wonderland Gang. All Rights reserved. One night Holmes told Jeana to meet him at the van. He came in, sat on a couch. Diles leveled a gun at his head. Jeana leaned out the window, and they hugged. How students with Asperger's cope at university. Now the police wanted Holmess testimony. Captain Conan 10y. Up to this time, Holmes had been doing mostly photo layouts, stag films and 8-mm bookstore loops. 'We have interviewed her but we're not going to say anything about it.'. His old friend was happy to pick them up. Sharon, a registered nurse, rummaged through a well-stocked medicine cabinet, brought out iodine and cotton swabs. In jail, Holmes went on a hunger strike. One of Nashs friends and overnight guests was, according to a law-enforcement official, an Israeli with a military background, the so-called reputed godfather of the Israeli Mafia. A report by the California State Department of Justice revealed that the Israeli Mafia was active in California during the late Seventies and early Eighties and was involved in drugs, arson, extortion, gunrunning and a number of murders, including the death and dismemberment of two Israeli nationals at the plush Bonaventure hotel in downtown L.A. During his six or seven years of heavy drug use, said the attorney, Nash lost over a million a year directly attributable to drugs. So Holmes summoned his wife into the bathroom, drew steaming water into the tub, slipped in, and began to talk. A California cop called him "one of the coldest people I ever met." The house at 8763 Wonderland rented for $750 a month.. After she left, my husband called on the telephone at the farm and said to come home immediately. He told us everything initially, right after it happened. Every weekday, you'll get fresh, community-driven stories that catch you up with our independent local news. Hey, its cool, said John Holmes, 36, the man with the plan. His defense was simple: John Holmes was the sixth victim of the Wonderland murders, and Eddie Nash was evil incarnate. Ladies and gentlemen, his lawyer told the jury at the outset, unlike some mysteries, this is not going to be a question of Who done it? This is going to be a question of Why arent the perpetrators here? . Ill never forget that as long as I live, she said. In time, Jeanas father went back to Miami and took Terry with him, and Jeana moved in with Johns half brother and his wife, David and Karen. Twenty minutes later, Holmes walked into the room. Holmes and Jeana watched from the bed. He was like the old John. He was frozen. The complex had ten free-standing cabana apartments, built around a courtyard. So you go in, Launius was saying to Holmes, reviewing the plan. At home, Nash walked around in a maroon silk robe, or sometimes in bikini briefs, his body covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Holmes, 37, was formally charged with four counts of murder and one of attempted murder following his arrest last December in Miami. She is the sole survivor of the brutal Wonderland attack the night of July 1, 1981; she suffered severe head injuries, amnesia, and a severed finger following the attack. They came from across the countryalthough the Washington, D.C. area was noticeably over-representedas well as from Canada and England, and, in at least one case, all the way from Nazi Germany. Then came the late-night news. Recently, Holmes had been drifting from job to job, trying to find a niche. Holmes talked a while, looked Jeana up and down. Nils Grevillius, who's been working on a book on the Wonderland murders, talks in one interview about a robbery committed by the Wonderland Gang (the same robbery, in fact, that Launius got the antique guns that he tried to fence via John Holmes, which ultimately led to the murders). Ive been expecting you, he said. One woman who had sex with Nash remembers a lot of temptation. Latinx Files: In praise of Jenna Ortega, Aubrey Plaza and moody, deadpan Latinas, Arizona governor wont proceed with execution set by court, Civilians flee embattled town of Bakhmut as Ukrainian pullout looms. She hadnt seen him in three months. Though, she didn't survive unscathed. Firefighters hoist horse stranded in backyard swimming pool. Finally he came out and said, You know what? Four inches around!, Thats great, said Sharon, turning a page of her magazine. By this time, Sharon had befriended Jeana. I tried to shut his eyes like in the movies, but they wouldnt stay shut., Holmes didnt want a funeral, but he did have a last wish. He had a full erection. It's a yellow - sometimes green - vehicle with four tires and a Middle Eastern man behind the wheel. Number 8763 Wonderland Avenue had some history of its own: Paul Revere and the Raiders once lived there. Since the late Sixties, Holmes had traded on his natural endowment. Along the way, in Colorado, Mr. Holmes hired the sisters to do gardening around the complex. She was a teenager, and her parents had just divorced. Nobody knew wherewe lived. Lets face it, Amerson says, John was a product. Blood! Hed never met them, but he had, through Holmes, given them a $1,000 loan. He said, Im gonna die! and drove off., When he came back, says Laurie, he was laughing about it. Miss Miller's shiny white 1969 Mercedes 280 SL was used to deliver narcotics to her customers, detectives said. By the time they pulled into the apartment complex managed by Sharon Holmes, it had been decided. I used to be a Web Developer in the Newsroom, now I spend my time in coffee shops researching murder. Holmess parents separated when he was three, and Mary moved the family into a housing project in Columbus. par | Juil 2, 2022 | mitchell wesley carlson charged | justin strauss net worth | Juil 2, 2022 | mitchell wesley carlson charged | justin strauss net worth Dickman and Throbbin, a lampoon of Batman and Robin. Later, the women dyed Johns hair black. I was there., It was my fault, John said, his eyes welling with tears. Go!. June M. Schuyler, an elementary-school teacher from Santa Barbara, remembers meeting the nice-looking, very-light-skinned foreign man at Beefs Chuck. John kept his porn money and spent it on himself. . Nash was missing part of his sinus cavity, one of his lungs had been removed, and he had a steel plate in his head. Eddie Nash was fifty-two years old, six feet tall, gray haired, strong and wiry. I mean, come on: Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino - those are choices? The 100 Best Albums of 2022. In 1981, Ron Launius and his gang of thieves and drug dealers, with assistance from porn star John Holmes, robbed the home of businessman and gangster Eddie Nash. A poster for the 1977 John Holmes film The Jade Pussycat., NBA 'Investigating,' Team Suspends Ja Morant After Allegedly Flashing Gun on Social Media, Alex Murdaugh Juror Says Cellphone Video, 'Big Liar' Testimony Led to Guilty Verdict, She Used the Bathroom And Became a Target of the Culture War, Here's How LaRussell and Intuit are Helping Independent Artists Understand How to Achieve Their Financial Ambitions, Alex Murdaugh Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Wife and Son, Glastonbury Co-Organizer Promises Female Headliners in 2024 After All-Male Top Billing This Year, See the Beths Deliver Refreshing 'Expert in a Dying Field' Mini-Set on 'CBS Mornings', Netflixs Sex/Life Is Back to Satisfy Your Softcore Desires. He said, They stuck a gun to my head and they made me go back in (to the Wonderland Avenue house) and open the door. Thats what he told me. Early in 1983, Holmes was shooting Fleshpond at a studio in San Francisco. Will Dominion-Fox News lawsuit be different? Nashs three coconspirators in the insurance scam were found guilty. Here's Where To Maximize The View (And Snap A Great Picture), A Los Angeles Family Seeks Answers And Accountability After Black Mom Dies In Childbirth, A Brief History Of Why It Does Occasionally Snow In LA. It was a simple ceremony. They lived in London, Paris, Michigan, Florida. Holmes was crumpled on the floor. He said he was told he would be killed and people in the book would be killed if (Holmes) didnt do what (Nash) wanted. The buckle depicted a mother whale swimming in the ocean, her baby nursing beneath. (Taken from Wikipedia on Wonderland Murders). She couldnt call Sharon. You could walk up, whisper something in his ear, and hed make it available. Her new boss, a pediatrician, had shut down the office for the afternoon, and shed gone to the market, planned a special dinner for her husband. He dunked his head, put a steaming washcloth over his face. Im going to quit. Its like being married to a hooker., And so began the loops and the stags, and then Johnny Wadd was born. Chris caught up. Let him scream? The color drained from his face. Once, he rammed his own hand into a harvesting machine. He told me that he had set up the robbery. The murder weapon was a steel pipe with threading at the ends. On his sixteenth birthday, Holmes joined the army. Through his attorney, Nash has consistently denied any involvement in the Wonderland Avenue killings. Jeana sat in the front seat, Thor in her arms. Launius served 4 years and was released in 1978. There was a telephone at the entrance, an electronic deadbolt on the gate, two pit bulls sleeping on the steps. Then Holmes hit on a more direct way to make money. You said something about blood., Holmess eyes bulged. He thinks Im famous.. She actually saw it. Browse by collection. The cast of characters would go from two or three to ten or more. What's your favorite movie(s) or TV show(s) that are based in LA? His penis, when erect, according to legend, measured between eleven and fifteen inches in length. He began spilling to Blake in 1973, after he was arrested on a movie set. On July 10th, Police knocked down the door of their motel room and arrested Jeana and Holmes. Thorson had been addicted to cocaine for several years. A day or two later, Holmes gave a compressed, but similar account of what happened to Sellers, she told The Times. We sat for a long time, and he was very, very quiet. Susan Lanius (unlucky) wife of Ron Lanius played by Christina Applegate in the movie Wonderland. 26th Hall of Fame. Sharon looked at him. Tossing and moaning, punching and kicking. Suzanne Launius's birthday is 03/24/1951 and is 71 years old.Suzanne calls Hawthorne, CA, home.Susan Launius are some of the alias or nicknames that Suzanne has used. For his part, Holmes did anything he could for Nash. James M. Eisenman, a Century City attorney who represents Holmes estate and his second wife, said he doubts Sharon Holmes story. . March 3 (UPI) -- A sheep spotted wandering loose on a British highway was given a lift back to its owner by a concerned bus driver on her first day on the job. He wouldnt even let me meet the people he worked with.. Her lover was Billy DeVerell. Jeana said nothing. When asked to elaborate, the policeman explained: "A trash can only has two handles". I believe that cocaine paranoia created within him the desire to stay within that closed environment that he had control over. On the . Do you agree with that assessment? The murders, he said. She had two daughters, had once been married to a Beverly Hills attorney. Then he left.. Apparently, Holmes had made good his promise and stopped doing drugs. To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Location even a guess will help. Launius and four of his associates were found dead in their townhouse on Wonderland Avenue, in Laurel Canyon on July 1, 1981. Joy Audrey Miller, 46, held the lease. We have never heard the whole truth (about the killings) and we never will hear the whole truth, said attorney Earl L. Hanson, who, along with partner Mitchell W. Egers, successfully defended Holmes against the murder charges. I had to let her know there was another world out there, that John was not God Almighty. Will Orange County's Fledgling Clean Power Agency Survive? He quickly racked up a rap sheet, including gun and drug charges. Hanson said Holmes never told his attorneys what happened the night of the killings. The poor girl was emaciated, Sharon says. Dismiss. . There were backhands, lectures, drunken rages. Finally, he replied: The murders . One woman survived the attack. At least two of the four people beaten to death at the yellow two-story house in rustic Laurel Canyon had narcotics records and the blonde woman who rented the house delivered drugs in her shiny white Mercedes, court records indicated Friday. . Inside were his drugs, his glass pipe, baking soda and a petri dish for cooking cocaine powder into rock base, a bottle of 151 rum and cotton swabs for lighting the pipe. How do you handle this conflict? Launius' wife, Susan Launius, survived the attack, which is shocking given the crime scene photos and video. Join now Sign in . All his lawyers I think he had maybe six or seven working on different things all his managers, employees, customers, everyone, would come to him. Suddenly, Johnny Carson was telling Deep Throat jokes on The Tonight Show. He was also in Liberaces Las Vegas act. An hour before, Holmes had run into Diles. He went fucking crazy, says Amerson. And so the plan was fixed. In the weeks before the killings, Coen told the jurors, Holmes ferried property stolen by the Wonderland Avenue gang to Nashs heavily secured home in Studio City, where he exchanged it for drugs. Reportedly, at the time of his death,[3] police investigators throughout California, largely in the Sacramento area, had 27 open homicide cases they believed were perpetrated by Launius. Are you awake? Holmess eyelids fluttered. When he became established as a porn star, Holmes said, he had a half dozen agents pulling in work for him. runs a close second. He told us certain things. Sharon stood with arms crossed. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Amerson says Holmes spent most of his time playing cards and shooting darts. John bought himself an El Camino pickup and a large diamond solitaire that became his trademark in films. March 2 (UPI) -- A Minnesota police officer came to the rescue of a raccoon he spotted running around with a jar stuck over its head. Around that time, he also began developing complications related to AIDS. She hadnt heard from him in, what, six months? This was it. The couple ended up in Miami, at a small run-down hotel on Collins Avenue. Frequently he brought him girls. In the late Seventies, Los Angeles police averaged twenty-five drug busts a month at the Starwood. At the moment, on this evening of June 28th, 1981, Wonderland Avenue was quiet. We played our favorite songs, walked, talked. Nash was a drug dealer and a heavy user. March 3 (UPI) -- A Massachusetts library said a book was recently returned with a note apologizing for the tome being 56 years overdue. She didnt know where. A host of musicians, actors and artists make their homes in the rustic canyon. Holmes had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Its business.. There were contracts out on their lives. How you doing, John? said the man in the gray suit, leaning over the safety rail of the bed. The bodies were discovered by workmen next door; theyd heard faint cries from the back of the house: Help me. He was in so much pain, you couldnt touch him. They were stupid. I wouldnt want to be operated on in San Quentin Prison, Ricks said sympathetically. Launius actually went to shoot her and his partners had to stop him. When Detectives Bob Souza and Tom Lange entered the home, nestled in the hip L.A. enclave of Laurel Canyon, they found pills and pipes scattered all over the flooralong with four dead bodies whose. Her brother was in town; something weird was going on. His family had owned several hotels before the creation of Israel in 1948. Holmes finally called on the afternoon of the 29th, after the Wonderland Gang kicked him out. No drugs. Marriage & Divorce. He even had the Holy Rollers sister smoking., In the morning, they went out to get food. Sharon had been a virgin when theyd met. Content, such as language choice and subject matter, in archival articles therefore may not align with SCPR's current editorial standards. What's different We cut him loose.. She'd gone into the pregnancy with a plan, knowing Black mothers like herself were at higher risk. Mismanagement, Sloppy Hiring Practices, Lack Of Transparency. With Holmes, it was like he was center stage and the lights and the camera were on, says a detective who was present. This anecdote right there tells me that Launius has a body count. Later, in the Sixties, the canyon attracted writers and artists, rock stars and gurus. Hed have Jimmie, the cook, prepare these elaborate spreads. Launius' wife, Susan Launius, survived the attack. Whenever he returned from days or weeks away, Holmes would bring gifts: stuffed animals, roses, a ring. Minnesota officer removes jar from raccoon's head. It was dark, and there wasnt any traffic. A stairway, leading from the garage to the front door, was caged in iron. And the AIDS thing was just starting to come out. Some heard a woman's screams coming from the house Tuesday morning, but ignored them in the belief someone was playing a joke, partying or having a nightmare. Copyright 2023 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We had a big fight. In the summer of 1981, Sharon Holmes said, she and John Holmes were living together as the managers of a small Glendale apartment complex. Can I come in?, They went to the bathroom. Sherrill confessed to the murder some years later. Diles got seven years on charges stemming from the drug raids. By the time it was released, in 1987, Holmess health had already begun to slide. Then another girl, another. The actors wife paused. The Seven Seas was a bus-stop joint across Hollywood Boulevard from Manns Chinese Theaters. I told where the robbers lived and how to get there. How could you do this thing! Eddie Nash screamed. Now her husband fixed her with a long stare. . February 1988, seven years after the murders. For the first few months, while she was in Oregon with her mother, Jeana had refused to take Holmess calls. Earthquakes are sudden and arrive without warning, unless you monitor the USGS earthquake maps on the web every day - which I do. Eight years in prison, a $120,350 fine. The murders were so brutal that police were comparing the case to the Tate-LaBianca murders by the Manson Family. L.A. is too far flung to be any kind of social magnet outside of one's own neighborhood and community. Hed made all these people millions and millions of dollars. He stared straight ahead, unblinking. It's been many, many years since we saw this much snow in our mountains. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation Presents. Launius punched Holmes in the stomach. They went to the beach. And, as Holmess supply of coke dwindled, his conscience was overruled by his jones. Not since she was home. Holmess character, said Al Goldstein in Screw magazine, was a thin, bony, trench-coated shamus, outrageously horny, bedding down with client and quarry alike. In Goldsteins opinion, it was a goofy, crudely made series, but it was wildly successful. We were like a normal couple. Holmes hadnt paid for the room. He was prepared to testify that Eddie Nash had sent Holmes and Diles to Wonderland Avenue and that Nash felt responsible for the bloody mess that resulted. After mustering out of the army, at age nineteen, Holmes went to work as an ambulance driver, and soon thereafter he met Sharon Gebenini. The setup, the robbery, Nashs threat to kill his whole family, Sharon included. We're in a period of seismic drought in L.A. Where do you want to be when the Big One hits? Holmes thought Nash was the most evil man hed ever met, but he couldnt quite figure him out, so he respected him. Soon after, Detectives Lange and McClain called the hospital. In 1962 he joined the USAF and served in the Vietnam War, but was caught smuggling heroin and discharged in 1972. Dismiss. His penis, he said, was bigger than a pay phone, smaller than a Cadillac., Holmess voice was sly and ingratiating. The drugs affected his penis; he couldnt get it up, he couldnt work in porn. A few months later, Jeana moved into the guest room of the house. To learn more about those standards and why we make this distinction, please click A girl entered stage right. Facilitating a sense of purpose. A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. Once, Sharon says, he got a human head from UCLA. He was dying. I marketed him. Main Menu. John? Nash knew the Wonderland people. Except for the . No strings attached.. Shed often take her son there for lunch. She even had to have part of her skull surgically removed as a result of her injuries. Holmes buzzed an outside intercom box and asked someone inside to let him in. A house on Wonderland Avenue. If you could live in LA during any era, when would it be? Gregory DeWitt Diles, six feet four, 300 pounds, barged through the front door of the house on Dona Lola, dragging John Holmes by the scruff of his neck. Jewelry, wads of money. He greeted reporters, had dinner with his lawyer, then called Sharon. John picked up Sharons two dogs and Thor from the kennel. Edit your search. She tells them (in a near comatose state) that she does not remember anything. John, theyre coming, Laurie said in a stage whisper. Ricks cited Nashs need for delicate surgery to remove a sinus tumor. Listen, he said, grabbing her elbow. Three hours later, everyone was finally awake. In the car were De Verell, Launius, McCourt and a man named David Lind, a friend of Launiuss. The jury found him innocent. The daughter had a kid and a job. She survives and is questioned by Nico and Cruz in her hospital bed. Youd walk into the house, there were various girls walking around in various states of undress. His black club was like a Hollywood Harlem, jazz and pinkie rings and wide-brimmed straw hats. . He served in the signal corps, spending three years in Nuremberg, Germany. They made a run to McDonalds for hamburgers. Jailers said other inmates were giving him candy bars. In the end, both Diles and Nash went to jail. In the face of a drier future, that iconic piece of Americana is on its way out in Southern California. He cooked coke all night long. He spent his early life in Tennessee and Georgia, and graduated from Spalding High School in Griffin, Ga. He was consuming it. He graduated from UCLA with majors, variously, in physical therapy, pediatric physical therapy, medicine and political sciences. Then, says Laurie, the third time I went up there, he came up to me with the mirror and said, You want a hit? and I turned to him and said no. (John) was so much of a liar . You know, says Detective Lange, theres no mystery here. His lawyer hired a young associate to stick Nash with a pin whenever he nodded off in court. I believe I was watching TV and it seems like a bunch of people were coming in and out,' Mrs. Launius said. Florida woman runs ultra-marathon distances for 23 consecutive days. Big mystery. Susan Launius's income source is mostly from being a successful . Diles shoved, Holmes skidded across the carpet. She testified in a halting voice that the last thing she recalled was seeing shadowy figures in the bedroom where she lay with her husband. When the cops got to his hotel, Holmes was there. His legs and feet would swell up, his ears would bleed, he had infections in his lungs. She didnt know what to do. He never went home again. Eddie Nash was a drug lord. Nash shut the bedroom door. Eversz is one of the best unsung novelists in the crime genre we have working today. Well, kind of, Video shows Memphis jailers beating Black inmate before his death, Skin lesion removed from President Bidens chest last month was cancerous, doctor says, CPAC shows the GOP has deep divisions heading into 2024, Abortion clinics crossing state borders not always welcome. This time, the gang decided not to wait for his return. There never was a sexual relationship between us. Lt. Ron Lewis discounted speculation that the slayings could be 'random killings' such as the Tate-LaBianca murders committed by the Manson Family in 1969. Thursday, July 2nd, 3:30 a.m. Sharon Holmes switched on the porch light, spied through the peephole. More from Medium For years, a Boy Hung a Photo on his Bedroom. When he did coke, says Jeana, hed do it until it was all gone, and then hed scrape the pipe and smoke all the resin he could find, and then hed take a bunch of Valium. He said, I had to stand there and watch what they did, Sharon Holmes recalled. Now Holmes owed the Wonderland Gang, too. Like aliens or something. When Amerson raised their rent to $400, they got their own place in Encino. Then one day Harold threw John down the stairs and came after him. In February, Holmes was admitted to the VA hospital in Sepulveda. Holmes went on to say that he wanted to be best in the world at something, and that he thought pornography was it. Nash and Holmes had met three years earlier at the Seven Seas. What he may have been referring to was the imprisonment, that very same morning, of Eddie Nash, on charges of dealing drugs. They were always looking for an opportunity. It goes from five inches all the way to ten. After a while, the news. For extra money, Jeana solicited tricks on the beach. She was the sole survivor of the attack - suffering severe head injuries, amnesia, and a severed finger. All three of them are sleeping in the same bed. But here we are. When I come home at night, the tools stay on the job., You are having sex with other women, said Sharon. The Kit Kat was a strip club. What he was famous for was his penis.
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