This is actually a win-win situation, because the operator gets the money early on, and the employer can save parking spaces. If they decide to prosecute, you will receive a Court Summons in the post, providing a date when you must attend court. My tickets were purchased six weeks in advance and were second class non-reserved and off-peak and this is supposed to be the cheapest option. London absolutely does have monthly (and annual) passes. I concur, and Ive used London, NYC, HK, Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow, Beijing amongst mega-city metro systems. Except of course it only delays the inevitable building of proper transit, which delay causes an entirely different level of cost escalation, not to mention opportunity cost. In fact I use my employer-subsidized subway season ticket precisely in this manner. If this is the case, follow the instructions carefully. The cap on permits and the insurance/rent expenses of operating them in a subway station are indeed something to note. If occasional riders have to read a massive chart to figure out what theyre supposed to pay they probably just wont pay it at all. There are likely to be cultural differences, so it is possible that in most American cities, it makes sense to have some POP officials. Michal James, it is clear that you dont have any experience of very well run transit city, such as in East Asia, where rich and poor regularly alike use transit. Passport-size photos, applications, visiting the ticket office. Stuff you dont have time for during the working week etc. Thats Fare Evasion 101. For zones 1-2 for instance the weekly version is 35.10, monthly 134.80, yearly 1404, presenting some savings if youre able to commit to the amount up-front! N.A (April 2017), Stay up to date with Criminal Law with BSB Solicitors, BSB solicitors, 2 John Street, Knowledgeable and responsiveness with a great outcome. Despite your notions, the planners in HK and Singapore etc are prioritising the transit aspects with financial performance being secondary. In the majority of cases, commuters pay the fare, take the time and bear the brunt of the health costs. That Britain thinks monthly passes are old news does not mean that they really are old news. I am very pleased with the conclusion of my case. michaelrjames , youre rather confused. Those casual fare evader mental questions are: 1) Do I already have, or can I buy a ticket right now? with modern technology varying fares dynamically by distance is very straightforward (with 1990s technology) and westerners would adapt very quickly. Once again we see actual efficiency (for the customer, prospective traveller) sacrificed for some CFO or CTOs notions of access. On the same principle, cities and states can discount fares on buses and trains. And Ive never seen a normal cop using a rifle. The fine in Berlin is 60. In Paris everyone I knew used the Metro and most would have had a monthly card; and thus this is by far the dominant group in Paris with non-users being a pretty small minority and there was no class war over this issue. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Its really self-enforcing and does not need the extremely irritating British price-engineering. > The norm here is that big cities fund urban rail out of fares; the U-Bahn breaks even here, and I think also in Munich. A TFL fare evasion solicitor can intervene at this stage by writing a detailed letter of representation on your behalf, arguing that a prosecution would not be in the, Hope that isnt a dark omen. Look at the fare compliance b.s. American transit agencies and activists resist calls for large monthly discounts, on a variety of excuses. The Anglosphere does a shockingly poor job on this. The monthly pass users are the majority of transit users, at least in a city with good fares to encourage lots of people to use it. But fares account for the largest chunk about 38 percent (or $6.2 billion) of the MTAs annual earnings. Even today way too many stations on the Iida or Yonesaka lines while too few on the Kagoshima area ones, the urbanised Ou line areas or the Yosan line. Boston, too, has its moral panic about fare evasion, in the form of campaigns like the Keolis Ring of Steel on commuter rail or Fare is Fair. (England) Hi, I got a fare evasion summoning me to court, and Id like to know if theres a possible out of court settlement option from tfl as Im not trying to stain my record. The entire Tokyo metro area has a population density of 2642 people per sq km, whereas Paris has a population density of 1010 people per sq km. throw pav at, but I was very modestly paid except having excellent medical, and benefits like the travel card and lunch vouchers tooagain, one paid 50% of face value which was typically the price of the Menu du Jour; most regular working Parisians use these for their lunch, and they are even valid at boulangeries for sandwiches etc (but you dont get any change if you dont spend up to the face value of the coupon). More recently, it trialed a new turnstile design that would hit passengers in the face, but thankfully scrapped it after public outcry. This results in a very odd situation, where someone who owns an unlimited use monthly pass can be cited for lack of payment. You specifically dont want discounts on tolls, though the point of tolling is to discourage car traffic, e.g. The thing is they are impenetrable by fare-dodgers and so they dont even try (the interlocking-bars full-height type) and so these exits can be unmanned without problems, and they need almost zero maintenance. Southern is a story of rail failure. Id say make the one-way $5 now in one big yank, removing the faregates at the same time as a PR move. In France there are subsidies to suburban rail and buses, but the Mtro is most likely profitable by itself (the fares are barely lower than here, the operating costs are the same, passenger traffic density is a lot higher). There needs to be some power behind the ticket-writer. Or his father Lord, Baron Rees-Mogg? As to the World Cup, I really dont think one should be obliged to design a mass transit system to cope with a once in ten or twenty year event. If an inspector (conductor) finds you without a ticket, you either pay a fine or get kicked off. WebFare evasion is a criminal offence and you may be prosecuted. It is very likely that your employer paid some part, and, depending on the size of the enterprise, it is a discount. Andy McDonald, the [Labour] partys shadow transport secretary, said: Privatisation has created one of the most complex, exploitative and expensive ticketing systems in the world. Since racial identification is supposed to not occur in official stats. DMU branch lines as political patronage are a waste! You need a way of preventing people to get down to the platforms. Fare evasion rate on Hong Kongs open, non-gated, LRT system in year 2002-2005 was said to be only 0.4%, but there doesnt seems to be any more updated data. The official website of France. (I have literally just joined this site so apologies if I do anything wrong!) Such a scheme would save the working population billions of pounds every year, and will help rein out of control transport fares. Thats a significant consideration for regions with large income disparities. Its in the budget. Shrinkage happens. Precisely. In cases where longer term avoidance of fares in suspected, for example using someone elses reduced fare Oyster Card over a period of time, Transport for London (TFL) may want to interview you under caution. More analytical modelling and engineering and efficiency thinking is exactly what is needed to get the US out of their transit misery, and make it more like East Asia. They were technically convenient before modern technology (and thus motivated historically), but today there is no excuse to not have payments per trip, and per distance (and preferably also extra in rush hour). Counter-productive user pays econo-rat bullshit. Their policy may be concrete before electronics/operations, but much of the city isnt even close to any concrete. Merde! The solicitor who took on my case took a statement, we spoke about mysituation in depth. Or visit an exhibition, see a show, a sporting event etc. Some people got so infuriated that they went and sat in the First Class carriages (!) Plus, when its late at night and my phone battery is dying and Im worried about getting inspected (since my monthly pass is on my phone), reasonably bourgeois people tell me not to worry because in practice there are no inspections late at night. Punishing drivers for occasional trips relative frequent transit riders also seems like a both inefficient, and politically flawed way, of encouraging switching to transit. I know that Korea manages to make all of this work at low cost, but elsewhere in Asia, those sprawling, palatial stations with many exits get really expensive. My Friday train is always half as empty as any other day. I have just returned from an overseas trip to the UK and Italy. This, in turn, is because bus fares are enforced by drivers, who for years have complained that fare disputes lead to assaults on them and proposed off-board fare collection as an alternative. This is much more like parking violations or routine mistakes in tax filing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No one asking for M16s. 24 Hour Emergency Contact 0207 837 3456 0207 837 3456, Home > Criminal Law > Fare Evasion Solicitors. I will try to keep this as concise as poss - I recently got into trouble on a bus when I accidentally used my boyfriend's 16+ zip Oyster instead of mine (I have an 18+ student one). A.K (July 2017), I am so pleased that I have chosen BSB Solicitors to help me with my case. But equally it seems such card systems require a certain level of fare simplification to be robust. Why is pay as you go more popular?? You can add NZ to that list, so it is a perfect correlation with immigrant nations. Cities in both Germany and France, for example, are even trialling free public transport, with huge increases in passenger rates recorded.9 (LogOut/ It boasts the worst record on significant lateness. Your everyone else is the minority, and just as with your earlier wrong assumption, they might be tempted by a monthly pass but under your scheme there wouldnt be any point. The issue is how to get those who live in it to use transit for more of their travel. We are seeing violence directed at transit systems around the world which weve discussed here recently (link below). Extra induced trips by a switch to 0 from 0.5 a trip, are of course relatively more often going to be new 0.8 km trips than 15 km long. The answer inevitably will be yes, and this despite paying high salaries and absurd high bonuses to senior execs etc (which went on even as those companies marched into bankruptcy.) All sorts use the Paris Metro and even with its monthly card, is more expensive than either of those cities. After a brief waiting period, I received good news that the representations made were considered proportionate to a warning and a fine only. I wasimmediately madeto feel at ease at our first meeting and they always provided very clear instructions and advice throughout our email communications. They will probably engage in Uber-like fare undercutting to get pax numbers at first, which will reduce the traffic on SNCFs most cash-generating routes. Has Jacob Rees-Mogg ever used London Underground? An index standardized for age shows that crime rates are 48% higher among male immigrants and 140% higher among male descendants of immigrants. The flat fare is not really applicable to American cities, except possibly the Bay Area on BART. the Foret de Fontainebleau is 2.5x the size of intramuros Paris! I dont think that pass existed until recently. Also its fare gates are an awful design to boot. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Makes the second point much less important, even to those minorities (those minorities are much less likely to be subject to this treatment in France versus the US). Fare is split between the different agencies. Ill try and post some of the tweets John Bull made about fare evasion when talking to Second Avenue Subways. If you've been prosecuted and weren't aware,find out how to appeal. In a world trying to coax car drivers out of their cars, or to use them less, youve got to make the system frictionless and fair, or more than fair. The local newspaper reports how other commuters have missed work so often, theyve lost their job; how students have missed exams or holidaymakers havent made flights. As to your last para, that is even more econometric thinking that shows how warped it gets. Typical nit-picking scrooges.) So the police can nab them for that at the same time. Again, counter logical. Of course fare gates need manning so outside of the busiest stations fare gating is often a peak time only operation. Its one of these things that on some level anyone can end up doing technically I did it once in grad school, when I brought in a tray of leftover cookies after a talk intending to take them back to Columbia, and someone on the train offered me $1 for 3 of them and I said yes. I see this as just an additional argument for lower fares off-peak. The original plans for the Helsinki metro did take into account the possibility of installing faregates. BSB Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Because the higher your passenger-to-visible-check ratio is, the lower your casual evasion will be.. If you decide to plead guilty, you can choose to go to court or not. In New York, the SBS system uses proof of payment (POP), but passengers still have to validate fares at bus stops, even if they already have paid, for example if they have a valid monthly pass. Hmmm, Grenfell maybe not (when they renovated the building they actually removed one of the two stairwells ). The Wiki section on France is truly pathetic (not worth publishing or reporting but I am sure it was): A 2009 study found that the share of immigrants in the population has no significant impact on crime rates once immigrants economic circumstances are controlled for, while finding that unemployed immigrants tend to commit more crimes than unemployed non-immigrants.[83] A study by sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar, director of studies at the EHESS, found that Muslims, mostly from North African origin, are becoming the most numerous group in [French prisons].[84][85] His work has been criticized for taking into account only 160 prisoners in 4 prisons, all close to northern Paris where most immigrants live.
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