Vernon NY, Tucker, Paul 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 Flt. Market data provided by Factset. Officer T69742 Topeka KS, Knighten, James B. Officer T70227 Wichita KS, White, Raymond M. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 Flt. CELEBRATED TUSKEGEE AIRMAN CHARLES MCGEE DIES AT 102. (Courtesy CAF Rise Above via U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, Alabama). Officer T70420 Washington DC, Curtis, John W. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 2nd Lt. 0842581 Detroit MI, Curtis, Samuel L. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809239 Yeadon PA, Curtis, William J., Jr. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 Flt. Officer T63111 Memphis TN, Choisy, George B. This is the CORRECT list provided to us by the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Like many American boys of his era, he was thrilled by the emergence of flight and by the new image of daredevil pilots spiraling through the skies across America in the first decades of the 20th century. "Chief Anderson was liked and highly respected by his men," Tuskegee University archivist Dana Chandler told Fox News Digital. Greek organizations here that Officer T68758 Jersey City NJ, Smith, Burl E. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 2nd Lt. 0842586 Oakland CA, Smith, Edward 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809253 Philadelphia PA, Smith, Eugene D. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814939 Cincinnati OH, Smith, Frederick D. 45-C-TE 5/23/1945 2nd Lt. 0842877 Pasadena CA, Smith, Graham 42-F-SE 7/3/1942 2nd Lt. 0790465 Ahoskie NC, Smith, Harold E.,Jr. Ellis, Carl F. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0835324 Chicago IL . Officer T64276 Pueblo CO, Spencer, Roy M. 43-B-SE 2/16/1943 2nd Lt. 0797223 Tallahasee FL, Spicer, Cecil 45-H-TE 11/20/1945 2nd Lt. 0843360 Greenville OH, Spriggs, Thurman E. 45-H-SE 11/20/1945 2nd Lt. 0843350 Des Moines IA, Spurlin, Jerome D. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814822 Chicago IL, Squires, John W. 44-H-SE 9/8/1944 Flt. Officer T63117 Los Angeles CA, Wright, James W., Jr. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0835323 Pittsburgh PA, Wright, Kenneth M. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 01031458 Sheridan WY, Wright, Sandy W. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 Flt. Officer T66149 Philadelphia PA, Sanderlin, Willis E. 45-C-SE 5/23/1945 2nd Lt. 0842884 Washington DC, Satterwhite, Harry J. 44-A-TE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0819447 Montclair NJ, Byrd, Willie L., Jr. 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817597 Fayetteville NC, Cabiness, Marshall S. 42-I-SE 10/9/1942 2nd Lt. 0792780 Gastonia NC, Cabule, Ernest M., Jr. 45-A-5E 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841256 Detroit MI, Caesar, Richard C. 42-H-SE 9/6/1942 2nd Lt. 0792418 Lake Village AR, Cain, William L. 44-I-1-TE 10/16/1944 Flt. It was a dangerous mission of nearly 1,000 miles each way. Officer T66142 Pittsburgh PA, Johnson, Rupert C. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0835327 Los Angeles CA, Johnson, Theopolis W. 45-B-TE 4/15/1945 2nd Lt. 0842589 Carbon Hill AL, Johnson, Wilbert H. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807098 Los Angeles CA, Johnston, William A., Jr. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt. Officer T67149 Brooklyn NY, Velasquez, Frederick B. The Charles McGee, a Tuskegee Airman who flew 409 fighter combat missions over three wars, has died. 43-I-SE 10/1/1943 2nd Lt. 0814206 Jersey City NJ, Scott, Joseph P. 45-E-SE 8/4/1945 2nd Lt. 0843107 Chicago IL, Scott, Wayman E. 45-H-TE 11/20/1945 Flt. Officer T70101 Pasadena CA, Kelly, Earl 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843237 Los Angeles CA, Kennedy, Elmore M. 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 1st Lt. 0387720 Philadelphia PA, Kennedy, James V., Jr. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841271 Chicago IL, Kenney, Oscar A. 42-E-SE 5/20/1942 2nd Lt. 0789449 Tulsa OK, Knox, George L. 42-E-SE 5/20/1942 2nd Lt. 0789535 Indianapolis IN, Kydd, George H. III 44-D-TE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828043 Charleston WV, Lacy, Hezekiah 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 08071 00 River Rouge MI, Laird, Edward 43:J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814831 Brighton AL, Lanauze, Harry E. 46-A-SE 3/23/1946 2nd Lt. 02084156 Washington DC, Lancaster, Theodore W. 44-I-l-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 0838155 Rochester NY, Lane, Allen G. 42-F-SE 7/3/1942 2nd Lt. 0790458 Demopolis AL, Lane, Charles A., Jr. 44-H-SE 9/8/1944 Flt. Four died in 2022Charles McGee, Alexander Jefferson, William Rice, and Christopher Newmanand one more, Harold H. Brown, died in Officer T69745 Little Silver NJ, Peoples, Francis B. "I had the fun of going up in one of the tiny training planes with the head instructor." One of the men on the Berlin mission, Colonel Benjamin O. Davis Jr., went on to become the first brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force (formed from the Army Air Corps in 1947). Officer T70557 Albion MI, Weathers, Luke 43-D-SE 4/29/1943 2nd Lt. 0801178 Memphis TN, Webb, Rhohelia 44-F-TE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0835322 Baltimore MD, Wells,Johnson C. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807112 Buffalo NY, Wells, Wendell D. 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817606 Washington DC, Westbrook, Shelby F. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821921 Toledo OH, Westmoreland, Julius C. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843241 Washington DC, Westmoreland, Walter D. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809257 Atlanta GA, Wheeler, Jimmie D. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828059 Detroit MI, Wheeler, William M. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824843 Detroit MI, White, Charles L. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824844 St. Louis MO, White, Cohen M. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821922 Detroit MI, White, Ferrier H. 44-I-l-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 01824829 Oberlin OH, White, Harold L. 44-G-SE 8/4/1944 2nd Lt. 0835416 Detroit MI, White, Harry W. 45-C-SE 5/23/1945 Flt. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807101 Denver CO, Lewis, William R. 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817591 Boston MA, Lieteau, Albert J. '", "The Red Tails destroyed or damaged 409 German aircraft; 739 locomotives and train cars; 40 barges and boats; even one enemy destroyer." Officer T64275 Franklin TN, Murphy, David J., Jr. 44-1-TE 10/16/1944 Flt. The brief encounter of flying Mrs. Roosevelt over Alabama made Anderson one of the most famous pilots in America. He was 89 years old. Officer T64640 New York NY, Reynolds, Clarence E.,Jr. The nickname "Chief" was an accolade accorded the civilian by his Army students. Officer T69407 East St. Louis IL, Brothers, James E. 43-D-SE 4/29/1943 2nd Lt. 0801162 Chicago IL, Brothers, James E. 44-G-TE 8/4/1944 Flt. (Tuskegee University Archives). 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt. Percy Heath. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814826 Glencoe IL, Brown, Roscoe C., Jr. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824828 New York NY, Brown, Walter R., Jr. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824829 Hampton VA, Browne, Gene C. 43-I-SE 10/1/1943 2nd Lt. 0814190 New York NY, Bruce, Reginald A. Officer T64270 Seattle WA, Perkins, Roscoe C., Jr. 45-C-SE 5/23/1945 Flt. Officer T64627 South Bend IN, Ponder, Driskell B. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824830 Bridgeport CT, Calloway, Julius W. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 Flt. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 0830790 Quincy IL, Irving, Wellington 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817589 Belzoni MS, Jackson, Charles L. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 Flt. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841273 New York NY, Scott, Floyd R., Jr. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 Flt. The pilots formed the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group of He's believed to be the first African American commercial pilot in the United States. WebAlthough the best-known Tuskegee Airmen were the fighter pilots of the 332nd Pursuit Group (99th, 100th, 301st, and 302nd fighter squadrons), the 477th Bombard Group (the This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Some 14,000 Tuskegee Airmen served in World War II, including hundreds of its now-legendary fighter pilots. Officer T64626 Junction City KS, Norton, George G., Jr. 45-B-TE 4/15/1945 Flt. "His reputation was that he expected a lot out of us," World War II veteran and retired Lt. Col. George Hardy, 97, told Fox News Digital. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. IL, Wilkerson, William G. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807113 Camden NJ, Wilkins, Laurence D. 43-E-SE 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0804564 Los Angeles CA, Wilkins, Ralph D. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0839093 Washington DC, Willette, Leonard R. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 Flt. In March 1941, Anderson took First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt on a 30-minute flight in a biplane. Officer T70543 Huston LA, Harvey, James H., Jr. 44-1-1-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 0838153 Mountain Top PA, Hathcock, Lloyd S. 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817588 Dayton OH, Hawkins, Donald A. 44-I-1-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 01314639 Williamsport PA, Hunter, Marcellus L. 45-G-TE 10/16/1945 2nd Lt. 0843343 Washington DC, Hunter, Samuel 44-J-TE 12/28/1944 2nd Lt. 0840206 Colorado Spgs. The Tuskegee Airmen shot down three ME-262s in their raid over Berlin in March 1945, despite its superior speed and dexterity. Officer T70095 Chicago IL, Carter, Floyd J. Officer T70554 Philadelphia PA, Ballard, Alton F. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811173 Pasadena CA NI, Barksdale, James M. 46-A-SE 3/23/1946 Flt. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 02075551 Cleveland OH, McIver, Frederick D., Jr. 44-A-SE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0819456 Philadelphia PA, McKeethen, Lloyd B. Chicago Tribune March 3, 2023. The military today may provide the most accurate depiction of the American people more diverse than the halls of Congress, more integrated than the ivory towers of academia. 44-D-TE 4/15/1944 Port au Prince Haiti, Guyton, Eugene L. 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 Flt. WebList of Tuskegee Airmen. Theodore, Eugene G. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0839091 Port of Spain Trin. "The Anderson-Forsythe long-distance flights attracted worldwide attention and greatly popularized aviation in the African American community," the African American Registry reports on its website. The Tuskegee Institute hired Anderson to head its Civilian Pilot Training program in 1940. WebInformation on Tuskegee Airmen pilots was collected and analyzed for accuracy by all three parties, resulting in the complete online, searchable Pilot Roster, a milestone for educating and inspiring people wanting to learn more about our Tuskegee Airman and retired Lt. Col. George Hardy with children at Robert L. Taylor Community Complex in Sarasota, Florida, in 2013. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 Flt. Officer T67157 Atlantic City NJ, Washington, Samuel L. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt. 44-K-SE 2/1/1945 Flt. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt supported the Civilian Pilot Training Program and the War Training Service. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811240 Indianapolis IN, Daniels, John 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 01106669 Chicago IL, Daniels, Robert H., Jr. 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817582 Corona NY, Daniels, Thomas J., III 44-1-1-SE 10/16/1944 Flt. Anderson lived long enough to see the story of the men he introduced to flying immortalized in the 1995 movie "The Tuskegee Airmen," starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lawrence Fishburne. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814824 San Mateo CA, Williams, Raymond L. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt. Hardy flew legendary "Red Tail" P-51 Mustang fighter planes in World War II the aircraft earning the name from the crimson rudder that denoted the 332nd Fighter Group. Anderson in March 1941 unexpectedly found one of the most famous people in the world as a passenger. 45-H-SE 11/20/1945 2nd Lt. 0843349 Ardmore OK, Ramsey, James C. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 Flt. Officer T68762 Asheville NC, McClenic, William B., Jr. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811285 Akron OH, McClure, John 42-G-SE 8/5/1942 2nd Lt. 0791538 Kokomo IN, McCreary, Walter L. 43-C-SE 3/25/1943 2nd Lt. 0798950 San Antonio TX, McCrory, Felix M. 44-H-SE 9/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0838033 Yuma AZ, McCrumby, George T. 43-A-SE 1/14/1943 2nd Lt. 0796265 Fort Worth TX, McCullin, James L. 42-H-SE 9/6/1942 2nd Lt. 0792442 St. Louis MO, McDaniel, Armour G. 43-A-SE 1/14/1943 2nd Lt. 0796266 Martinsville VA, McGarrity, Thomas H. 45-I-SE 1/29/1946 2nd Lt. 02102014 Chicago IL, McGee, Charles E. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 08071 03 Champaign IL, McGinnis, Faythe A. Officer T69975 Hyattsville MD, Jones, Hubert L. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811284 Institute WV, Jones, Major E. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828051 Cleveland OH, Jones, Robert, Jr. 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 Flt. Officer T64641 Swarthmore PA, Rich, Daniel L. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828057 Rutherford NJ, Richardson, Eugene J., Jr. 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841261 Camden NJ, Richardson, Virgil J. Added Haulman, "Americans should remember Chief Anderson as somebody who personally demonstrated the potential of Black pilots and who was also instrumental in training the Tuskegee Airmen to fly.". Officer T69753 New Orleans LA, Dickerson, Charles W. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814829 New Rochelle NY, Dickerson, Page L. 45-G-SE 10/16/1945 Flt. 43-E-SE 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0804561 Terre Haute IN, Surcey, Wayman P. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 Flt. 45-E-SE 8/4/1945 Flt. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821924 Cheriton VA, Wofford, Kenneth O. He joined the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame in 1991.
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