Solar Sync - sensor with 40 ft. of wire and module (for use with Pro-C/PCC, ICC, I-Core), Solar Sync Sen - sensor only (for use with X-Core and ACC), WSS (wireless Solar Sync kit) - includes module, wireless receiver & wireless sensor (for use with Pro-C/PCC, ICC, I-Core), WSS SEN (wireless Solar Sync Sensor kit) includes wireless receiver & wireless sensor, no module (for use with X-Core and ACC). Customize the sensor with adjustable rain sensitivity control and automatic rain delay. The Mini-Clik sensor can be adjusted to activate at different amounts of rainfall. Hydrawise: Hunter has both indoor and outdoor models of the Hydrawise. The red LED in the center of the Wireless Receiver will turn on and stay solid for 10 seconds, indicating that it is in search mode, searching for a signal from a wireless sensor. We also offer delivery to PO Box, Parcel Locker and Post Office addresses. The WiFi is built in and if you are setting it up in an area where WiFi is not yet installed, the touch screen menu will walk you through the set up. Protect Yourself From Indoor Air Pollution, make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, Environmental Protection Agencys WaterSense program, Skydrop Halo Sprinkler Controller (SDCRW1.0), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor prevents your automatic sprinkler system from watering during a storm and is controlled by remote so there is no wiring to string to your timer. It must be set up using your smartphone onsite and unfortunately, you must purchase an additional module for WiFi capabilities. Residential Rain Sensors, Tags: Once your order is shipped, we will share its tracking number for your reference. However, in such circumstances, we will work towards resolving the issue so as to ensure the delivery of your order. Hunter and Rainbird are great products, but after using these two great brands for over 5 years, we noticed that the Rainbird products were a bit inferior to Hunter so we decided to only offer Hunter products and havent looked back ever since. Copyright 2023 Hunter Industries. Note: This model is currently out of stock, but RainMachine has not labeled it as discontinued on its website. Its WiFi could be a bit easier to set up, though. Ad-free. Compatible Hunter flow meters and sensors include the HC FlOW METER, MINI-CLIK , RAIN-CLIK , FREEZE-CLIK , WIND-CLIK , and SOIL-CLIK . . Yes, bypassed rain sensor and system is running. This may or may not help you. Any other ideas? Picture Information. Make sure the sensor is located in an area where it is unobstructed from the rain. I know the sensor isnt wet, so is there something else to check on it? Rain Sensors Required by Law. If you want an immediate synchronization, press and hold down the Test button for 5 seconds, then release the Test button. Note: The rain sensor will only interrupt watering in Manual All Stations and automatic programming. However, there are local mandates, which require Rain Sensors in areas of California, Minnesota, New York, New . Some tap timers do not have functionality for any rain sensor to be connected. In Bypass mode, it should indicate Rain Sensor Deacitivated. But once its up and running, the Rain Bird is very convenient to use. will orbit rain sensor work with hunter controller. If the LED light on the sensor does not flash red, the sensor will need to be replaced. Please expect 1 to 2 weeks for your refund to get processed. For results on all the smart sprinkler controllers we test, see Consumer Reports smart sprinkler controller ratings. During the Manual All stations cycle, pressthe test button on the Clik-type sensor (eg. If you still need assistance, please proceed to the end of the page to view our contact options. A 16-zone version is also available. It cant tell what the exact forecast is for your exact location. Hunter's Mini Clik rain sensor provides the simplest, most effective way to prevent sprinklers from running during or after any level of rainfall. Below youll find ratings and reviews of the best smart sprinkler controllers from our tests. After the receiver's green and black wires have been connected, restore power to the controller. Release the spindle and the LED light will flash again. ORBIT 2 HOUR MECHANICAL TAP TIMER Depending on the issue, we might ask you to send back the item at your own cost. Hunter Controllers are way easier to program than Rainbird. They have a series of porous cork discs that when they get wet from rain, they expand and force the sensor to prevent the controller from watering. Youre going to want a controller that uses a lot of forecast data to make its adjustments.. A sensor and receiver set for different addresses will not communicate. At ValvesDirect, we sell products that are covered under manufacturers warranty varying from 1 to 2 years. (If you know that your rainfall has exceeded your rain sensor activation setting, you may want to consider moving the sensor to a different location.). Solar Sync module shows ERR: Connection between module and sensor faulty. Here are 6 points to consider: Hydrawise: Setting up the Hydrawise is similar to setting up a smartphone. The freeze sensor reduces the risk of standing water in your Provides flexible installation with standard flat & gutter mounting. They communicate to the controller through antennas and radio waves. If the controller uses a normally closed sensor circuit (most common) the terminals will be connected by a jumper clip or wire. You can also add multiple local weather stations to your controller to provide the most accurate weather reading. Each controller offers slightly different features, but if you understand one of them, you will get the hang of the rest of the hunter controllers relatively easily. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Hunter Industries, Rain Bird Corporation, Galcon, Orbit Irrigation . It receives an Excellent rating for weather responsiveness and is very convenient to use. Rainbird is all over the place with their controllers. However, whenever I turn sensor 1 on in the app, the sprinklers wont run. The second on mine is on the right where the red wire is located. They help to save water by interrupting any automatic cycles scheduled after enough accumulation of rain has occurred. They are a matched set out of the box but sometimes after a power outage the receiver will lose it's address. Compatible with most major brands of 24 Volt timers. NOTE: In the event of a power outage (or any other reason when the receiver loses radio contact with the wireless sensor) the receiver will automatically go into search mode to re-establish communication with the sensor once power is restored. Retrieve your username. For example, if the sensor wire were stapled to the siding of the house, a staple could cut into the wire insulation and create a short across the two conductors. ADJUSTABLE RAIN SENSITIVITY: Choose how much rainwater your sensor collects ? Rachio: The Rachio only offers an indoor model that is not built to withstand the elements. When installed, the wireless Receiver will automatically go into a "search" mode looking for the signal from its paired sensor. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation can work on any of these controllers as well as many others. If so, the rainfall on the sensor hasnt reached the activation setting. Mini-Clik) to interrupt watering. Here: 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and run times up to 6 hours. The only thing the Hunter had going for it (which may or may not actually be an advantage) is that the sensor trips almost immediately when rain starts. This model works with up to eight sprinkler zones; a 16-zone version is also available. I turned that off because I dont have a master valve. Check the sensor to see if it is set for the appropriate rainfall amount. There are some cases where you may need to readdress/sync the sensor on the roof to the receiver mounted near the controller so they share the same address. I think Orbit / Watermaster and the new Hydro-Rain might be related. All orders will be sent with Authority to Leave instructions i.e. Make sure the controller's Seasonal Adjustment value is set to 100% when programming initial run times. You might want to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, but doing so is easier said than done, especially in parts of the country facing severe drought and the accompanying water use restrictions. Press it to bypass the sensor to see if your system will come on. The LED on the wireless receiver will blink 4 times and then turn off, indicating that the signal from the wireless sensor has been acknowledged. Thats the way you want to use it (un-bypassed), or you might as well remove it. View our range of Orbit Irrigation Controllers at Hills Irrigation or visit us in-store. Use the water and feature on the Solar Sync module to adjust the percentages applied to the controller. Check the sensor to see if it is set for the appropriate rainfall amount. The Sensor Status light should turn orange meaning it is in the learn mode. I have a Hunter timer controller with rain sensor. With built-in Quick Response Technology, the Hunter Wired Rain-Clik Rain Sensor can command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain. The answer is in the Rain-Clik operating manual to get the green light with a dry sensor, you need to: With Rachio powered and powering the Rain-Clik, and with a green light, you can tell (or finish telling) Rachio about the rain sensor accessory youve added. Ok I know I am jumping into an old tread but it is directly applicable to a problem I have with my Hunter Rain Clik. LNK WiFi is compatible with Rain Bird ESP-TM2 controllers and ESP-Me controllers manufactured after November 2, 2016. It also has additional features such as a standard door locks and 2 sensor ports. The Mini-Clik stops scheduled irrigation when it detects a pre-set level of rain has fallen. will orbit rain sensor work with hunter controller. You will receive a notification from us once your refund is processed. Orbit Wireless Remote Rain and Freeze Sensor . It features manual controls with an LED screen and app and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Privacy Policy| Terms of Service| Copyright 2019 River Cities Systems. will orbit rain sensor work with hunter controller 3- Classes pack for $45 will orbit rain sensor work with hunter controller for new clients only. If the LED flashes, the battery in the transmitter is good. You have two common wires on the left of your unit, but I only have one. This RX 1.5 rain sensor by Orbit automatically prevents your sprinkler system from watering during a storm helping to conserve water. If you have more questions about Smart Sprinkler Controllers or Water Management Programs contact us today, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation (913) 451-4664 or email us at
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